filmzeit 2017

The program of the 10th filmzeitkaufbeuren is finally fixed. A total of 74 films were selected from more than 600 entries submitted from around the world.

We warmly thank all submitters for their contribution, and ask those who were not selected for their understanding that we have only send out confirmations but did not inform about refusals, as written in our conditions. 

Conditions of participation in the festival filmzeitkaufbeuren 2017

  1. A committee appointed by the organizer will decide on the pre-selection of films and videos to the festival program. Succession and location of the presentation are the irrevocable decision of the organizer.
    Contributions which do not correspond to the technical conditions or which are discriminating or inhuman are irrevocably excluded.
  2. The submitters need to guarantee that they own the film rights, so the organizer can show the contribution without licence fees.
  3. Films that cannot meet the deadline might get an extension of time. Please contact the organizer. The organizer’s decision is final and not subject to legal recourse.
  4. Film stills and trailers provided within the submission will be used for PR, for instance on the festival’s website and social media platforms.
  5. Film-makers attending the festival may present their films or video installations at the public screening.
  6. A commercial use of the contributions is excluded. Copyrights remain with the authors. Solely the author is responsible for any infringement of the copyright of submitted films. Submitters are responsible for the content of their film.
  7. The organizer reserves the right to use submitted films – either in full-length or in extracts – free of charge in order to promote the festival, either before the competition or at a later date (retrospective). Furthermore films may be used for other promotional activities related to the festival.
  8. The organizer accepts no liability for contributions on DVD, send by post. Submitted films will not be returned.
  9. The organizer will present the contributions on technically adequate equipment. However, the organizer is not liable for deficient film quality.
  10. The program for the festival will be finalised in summer. By end of July the selected film-makers will be informed about their participation. For organisational reasons, unfortunately submitters of contributions that have not been selected cannot be informed personally.
  11. By end of September, the jury will have decided on the short list for the main prize and the innovation prize. The respective film-makers will be informed and asked, if either the director, producer, main actor or another representative could attend the festival on Saturday and Sunday.
  12. The organizer can award the following prizes:
    – The jury's prize – 1500 € – only awarded to the film-maker or their representative at the festival
    – Innovation prize of the jury – 750 € – only awarded to the film-maker or their representative at the festival
    – Prize of the audience – 250 € – instant payment or bank transfer
    – Best international film award by the jury of the festival team – 250 € – instant payment or bank transfer
    – Best children's film (kinderfilmzeit) by the audience – 250 € – instant payment or bank transfer
    The juries' decisions are binding and not contestable.
  13. Of participants awarded with a prize or commendation, the organizer requests a video message which can be published on facebook and on the festival website.
  14. The festival will be held from 2nd-8th of October 2017. The event is public. Venues: Stadttheater Kaufbeuren (city theatre), Rosental 6-8 and Corona Kinoplex (cinema), Daniel-Kohler-Straße 1, both in 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany
  15. For personal attendance at the festival, film-makers can be granted a limited amount of travel expenses. Decisions are made according to the order of the incoming applications and the distance of the journey to Kaufbeuren. However, in general there is no entitlement to a subsidy. For application please contact Roman Harasymiw, roman(at)

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