In earlier years we incorporated video art in our film festival at the movie theatre. However we soon found out, that this genre of art needs an extra stage. Art in public spaces and the museums of the city followed. Since 2016 we grant every second year the BURONALE Video Art Award in cooperation with the town museum of Kaufbeuren.

This year, we decided with a heavy heart to cancel the BURONALE Video Art Exhibition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It takes place before the festival week of our festival and usually we welcome most of the visitors of this exhibition at the opening and closing events. Except to a very limited extent, that won’t be possible this year in September and October.

As soon as we know when we can plan the next exhibition with a full house at the town museum, you will be informed here.

BURONALE Video Art Award 2018

Thanks to the support of the city of Kaufbeuren, filmzeitkaufbeuren awards the BURONALE Video Art Award.

In 2018, the award goes to Munich based artist Rose Stach, whose works shake up and inspire, often with a sociocritical reference.

For many years she accompanied the festival with her contributions and some years ago she caused with the video installation “Arousal” in the Sparkassen Passage just that.

Rose Stach receives the BURONALE VIDEOKUNSTPREIS for her work “Resistance”.